OfficeForce Big Bin Shredder Bags Large Strong Re-Usable Clear 160 litres Capacity


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Product Description

OfficeForce strong re-usable Recycling Bin Liners come on a roll with tear off perforations for ease of dispensing and storage. These bin liners take less energy to manufacture than a ‘Recycled’ bin liner, and unlike biodegradable liners, these polythene liners can be recycled. Our bin liners are manufactured from a ‘by product’ of petrol refining (Ethylene) which is then used to make Polythene, and so NO barrels of oil are not used specifically to produce Polythene. We have chosen to sell re-usable liners because ‘Biodegradable’ bags cannot be recycled and are usually disposed of through ‘Landfill’. Our ‘reusable’ recycling bin liners are manufactured from ‘Virgin’ Polythene. This creates a lower carbon footprint than manufacturing a bag containing recycled material. Around 40% more carbon is produced in manufacturing a ‘recycled bag’ over our ‘virgin polythene bags’ By using ‘Virgin’ material you are able to maintain an accurate and consistent degree of strength in the bags. Bags which contain ‘regrind’ (recycled) filler need to be ‘over-engineered’ to overcome the fluctuations in poor quality when such fillers are used in the production batch. Search ‘OfficeForce for full range.


  • 50 per roll with tear off perforation – 160 litre capacity
  • To Fit Bin Size up to 900mm high and up to 380mm square
  • Flat Bag Size 760mm x 1060mm allows top of bin overlap
  • Made in UK for low ‘manufacturing miles’ & carbon footprint
  • OfficeForce 60 litre shredder bags also available
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